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Dear Future-Condominium Owners,

Most of my clients often have this question on their mind- When is the RIGHT time and price to buy their condominium? My answer to them? There is NEVER a right time and price.

Sounds shocking to you? Definitely, I guess. If not, you would have just bought your condo without much checking. I have recalled that many years ago, I have a client who mentioned to me that he wanted to invest in a condo in District 11. He thought it was absurd to pay such a high price. Maybe he was right. If he has just made the first step to buy that condo, he could have just made a handsome profit. All he needs to do is to make that first step.

Perhaps, he didn’t believe in my analysis or he just didn’t want to make his first step in buying his first property investment. But today, I hope you will not make the SAME mistake as my friend. There is no RIGHT time and price for property. If you have done any investment of any kind, you might have heard of the saying, “High will get higher” and “Low will get lower”.

Of course, as your agent, it is my duty to get you the best deals, either for home stay, investment or both. But when the opportunity arises, be sure you grab them fast after you have calculated your risk.

See you in my list of Profit-Making and Happy Customers…

Best Regards,
Marketing Manager
Huttons Asia Pte Ltd
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